So begins the New Year.

Does this mean “So begins the New You?”

I believe I can say this for the many around the world at this time – “Yes”.

Okay, now that we have established that fact, how then shall we begin the “New You”?

The best thing to do (for me) when embarking on a job or project is the make a “To-Do” List.  Some would say this of my soon-to-be posted List “It looks like a Bucket List.”  It is.  I was inspired by a fellow (way way more prolific) blogger, Kiwidutch’s post on “101 things in 1001 Days” in Local Heart, Global Soul.

As a friend once said “It doesn’t matter if you do not use the idea in the end, just write it down.” Wise words.  So stay tuned as I work on my List and hopefully can post it up within the week (I doubt so).

But in the meanwhile, I think I can start by spring-cleaning for the Chinese New Year and donating the white elephant stuff to charity or friends.


2 responses to “So begins the New Year.

  1. Happy New Year Velveteen,
    I’m writing this in hospital, all chirpy because they operated on my foot this morning and the pain block I have in means I can’t feel a thing … yeahhh!

    I want to take this stuff home with me but sadly tomorrow they will start to reduce it so that they can see how much pain I have to deal with.

    The trick to making a list that works,is to include smaller short term goals as well as longer ones,and some easy as well as some that take more effort so that you can have fun as well as work towards some serious stuff.

    Seeing a few things crossed off your list fairly quickly is inspiring, just don’t fill the list with only easy stuff LOL, some long term goals are also rewarding once you get there.
    Here’s to “keeping on, keeping on…” and to a happy and health-ier 2015.

    Love and Hugs… Kiwi 🙂

    • Hi Kiwi!

      Blimey and ouchie! Best wishes for a speedy and painless recovery! I’m to see you guys at the end of this year, yes?

      Thanks for the tip on including both short term and long term goals.

      Yup! Here’s to “Keeping on, keeping on…” and to a much happier and healthier 2015!

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